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HOLIDAY WORLD TREKKING is a company operated by Sherpas who have long association with tourism and who possess plenty of tourism expertise. Our company is registered under the Government of Nepal Company act. (Department of Tourism Regd No: 376/054, Company Registrar Regd No: 7749-2054/055, Revenue Department PAN/VAT No: 500 117 398).

The people who are behind this company are the intellectuals and educated Sherpas residing in Mount Everest region and well-versed in tourism and travel trade including trekking, mountaineering, travels & tours, rafting and hotel business since 1979. Apart from attaining long experience and good skills in the tourism sector of Nepal, the owners of this company have also been receiving valuable advice, suggestions and assistance from time to time from trekking, travel and mountaineering companies, groups, leaders, journalists, professors and scholars. Tourism experts and proprietors of travel agencies have also come into contact with us and have given their suggestions to run a high quality tourism service in Nepal and help develop the country. Through the medium of tourism service, the economic condition of people, can be improved by providing large-scale employment. These are some of the major objectives behind why this company was established.

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We are affiliated with

Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal

Sustainable Tourism Network

Nepal Mountainering Association 

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Government Registered

Holiday World Trekking Nepal is registered under Government of Nepal.
Dept. of Tourism: Regd No: 376/054
Company Regd. No: 7749-2054/055
Revenue Department PAN/VAT No: 500 117 398