Adventure in Nepal

Heli Trek

If you are looking for some adventures in Nepal you are in the right place. On top of our peak climbing and trekking, we offer other activities. Heli Trek from Kathmandu to Syangboche. We take care of the trip details and provide breakfast or lunch. Plenty of time is allowed to take pictures, enjoy the majestic views of the mountains including Everest and return back to Kathmandu.

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Elephant Back WIld Life Safari

Or a nice and beautiful Safari. A few hours away from Kathmandu, Chitwan is the place to go if you want to ride elephants, and see some wildlife like great one horned rhinoceros, sambar deer, spotted deer, crocodiles, etc. in it's pure natural habitat.

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Himalayan River Rafting

Rafting is a perfect extended adventure on the river and will get your adrenaline pumping to a new high. Nepal has some of the best rivers in the world. Rafting trips for some is the highlight of their stay in Nepal. The waters in Nepal offer something for everybody: Grade 5 - 5+ rivers with raging white water rapids for the adventurous, to Grade 2 - 3 rivers with a few rapids for novices. Rafters can choose from two to three day trips, or two to three weeks. Paddling is a fun way to enjoy the trip while bonding with fellow rafters.

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